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Spring 2019
Last Update: 2/18/2019 10:05:01 PM

Line/Item Course Section Instructor Status Waitlist
0454 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 241
A1 Picha M Full 1
7235 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 242
AW Brady B Full
0463 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 242
EV Picha M Full 5
0466 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 260
A Marrs H Full 10
7249 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 260
AW Brady B Full 3
0540 Chemistry
(CHEM&) 121
EV Morris S Full
0542 Chemistry
(CHEM&) 131
A Smith R Full 7
3439 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 102
DE1 Lind J Full
3444 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 210
DE1 Lind J Full
2416 Education Paraprofessional
(EDUC&) 136
WOL Staff Full
1025 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102
A Handley J Full 2
1026 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102
B Graham J Full 2
3563 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102
DE Whitemellish Full 16
B230 Human Services
(HSERV) 132
A Malphrus R Full 1
B231 Human Services
(HSERV) 132
B Malphrus R Full
B264 Human Services
(HSERV) 244
EV Sandoz V Full 2
B406 Nursing
(NURS) 099
A Heinze S Full 4
3739 Physical Education
(PE) 100
DE1 Stafford V Full 1
8147 Physical Education
(PE) 147
AW Eklund J Cancelled
3797 Sociology
(SOC&) 101
DE Cox C Full 6