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Summer 2017
Last Update: 3/18/2018 10:05:01 PM

Line/Item Course Section Instructor Status Waitlist
0413 Art
(ART) 251
A Theiss C Full
0416 Art
(ART) 253
A Theiss C Full
0496 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 242
EV Picha M Full
0497 Biological Sciences
(BIOL) 251
A Palmer C Full
0498 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 260
A Marrs H Full 1
0582 Chemistry
(CHEM&) 121
A Morris S Full
4306 College And Career Bridge
(CCB) 010
BG Markert J Full
7045 College And Career Bridge
(CCB) 022
AW Lawson J Full
0626 College And Career Success Skills
(CSS) 103
A Landon G Cancelled
3339 College And Career Success Skills
(CSS) 103
DE1 Wood B Full
3348 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST) 205
DE Lind J Full 1
A398 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 101
A Staff Cancelled
A475 Criminal Justice
(CJ) 199
A Eaton P Full
A490 Criminal Justice
(CJ) 225
A Eaton P Full
2509 Early Childhood Education
(ECED&) 107
DE Asher A Cancelled
2514 Early Childhood Education
(ECED&) 120
DE Martinezgrie Full
A628 Early Childhood Education
(ECED&) 170
SA Bonnerbritt Full
A657 Early Childhood Education
(ECED) 223
A Martinezgrie Cancelled
2534 Education Paraprofessional
(EDUC&) 122
DE Bonnerbritt Cancelled
0959 Education Paraprofessional
(EDUC) 299
A Veltri B Full
3462 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102
DE1 Whitemellish Full 1
A878 Environmental Sustainable Agriculture
(ENVAG) 106
A Glenn S Full
2564 Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) 101
DE Koenig S Full
2566 Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) 102
DE Koenig S Full
2570 Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) 203
DE Koenig S Full
B078 Human Services
(HSERV) 242
A Malphrus R Full
B134 Manufacturing Technology
(MANF) 122
A Antonsen L Full
B138 Manufacturing Technology
(MANF) 125
A Poole B Full
3541 Mathematics
(MATH&) 107
DE Larson K Full 1
3550 Mathematics
(MATH&) 146
DE Stady J Full
T001 Mathematics
(MATH&) 151
A#P Staff Full
T002 Mathematics
(MATH&) 152
A#P Staff Full
2606 Multimedia / Interactive Technology
(MIT) 240
DE Coorough C Cancelled
2608 Multimedia / Interactive Technology
(MIT) 249
DE Coorough C Cancelled
3560 Music
(MUSC) 127
DE Johnson D Full
B282 Nursing
(NURS) 100
IBA Schwenker Z Full 4
3581 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
DE1 Duncan K Full
3582 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
DE2 Duncan K Full
3584 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
DE4 Duncan K Full
B350 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 098
A Nunn B Cancelled
B353 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 099
A Spinnie K Cancelled
2653 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 147
DE Oakes T Full
2660 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 162
DE Nunn B Full 3
3611 Physical Education
(PE) 100
DE1 Anderson N Full
3617 Physical Education
(PE) 160
DE1 Deschenes S Full
7240 Physical Education
(PE) 167
AW Stevens I Full
1932 Physical Education
(PE) 200
A Anderson N Full 1
2670 Social Science
(SOSC) 113
DE Mccallum J Full
2677 Social Science
(SOSC) 125
DE2 Sandberg B Cancelled
B567 Technical Design
(TECD) 103
A Seay B Full
B570 Technical Design
(TECD) 107
A Seay B Full
B898 Welding Technology
(WT) 221
A Baker M Full