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Winter 2017
Last Update: 1/16/2017 11:05:01 AM

Line/Item Course Section Instructor Status Waitlist
0123 Academic English As A Second Language
(AESL) 105
A Cahill N Full
W338 Adult Basic Education
(ABE) 042
AG1 Donovan T Full
W689 Adult Basic Education
(ABE) 042
YO Donovan T Full
7055 Adult Basic Education
(ABE) 056
AW Staff Cancelled
7056 Adult Basic Education
(ABE) 056
BW Staff Cancelled
W945 Adult Basic Education
(ABE) 056
F14 Howard S Full 3
W951 Adult Basic Education
(ABE) 056
F15 Boesiger B Cancelled
A155 Allied Health Education
(AHE) 102
A Dorothy C Cancelled
A163 Allied Health Education
(AHE) 106
A Mattox T Full
A164 Allied Health Education
(AHE) 106
B Mattox T Full 1
A167 Allied Health Education
(AHE) 107
A1 Henderson J Full
A215 Allied Health Education
(AHE) 200
B Mattox R Cancelled
0236 Art
(ART) 101
A IVerson M Full 2
0238 Art
(ART) 101
EV Theiss C Full 2
0256 Art
(ART) 144
A Michael Ej Full
0292 Art
(ART) 241
A Theiss C Full
0296 Art
(ART) 242
A Theiss C Full
0297 Art
(ART) 242
B Theiss C Full 2
0259 Art
(ART) 251
A Theiss Full
0262 Art
(ART) 252
A Theiss Full
7100 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 100
AW Brady B Full
3336 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 100
DE Pflugfelder Full
0385 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 241
A Picha M Full 1
0394 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 242
EV Picha M Full 2
3344 Business Admin & Accounting
(BUS&) 101
DE Ash L Full
0429 Business Admin & Accounting
(BUS&) 101
IBA VIrendra S Cancelled
3346 Business Admin & Accounting
(BUS) 112
DE Dixon S Full 1
0061 Business Admin & Accounting
(ACCT&) 202
A Ogden J Full
2489 Business Management
(BMT) 122
DE Dixon S Full 1
A405 Business Management
(BMT) 220
A Staff Cancelled
7132 Chemistry
(CHEM&) 121
BW Campbell F Full 2
0477 Chemistry
(CHEM&) 121
EV Morris S Full 1
0488 Chemistry
(CHEM&) 162
A2 Stjohn A Full
0489 Chemistry
(CHEM&) 162
B Stjohn A Full
2295 Chemistry
(CHEM&) 162C
C8E Stjohn A Full
0660 College And Career Success Skills
(CSS) 103
A Hunter S Full
3386 College And Career Success Skills
(CSS) 103
DE Hanchett B Full 1
0665 College And Career Success Skills
(CSS) 107
A Staff Cancelled
3391 College And Career Success Skills
(CSS) 107
DE Brierley R Full
3393 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 102
DE Lind J Full 1
0607 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST) 125
A Bakkensen A Full 1
3396 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST) 205
DE Lind J Full 2
0618 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 210
A Bixler N R Full
3399 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 210
DE2 Winslow L Full
3400 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 210
DE3 Randall A Full
0630 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 220
A Smith L Full
0632 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 220
B Smith L Full
0631 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 220
C Tutt E Full
0635 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 220
EV Sather L Full
A319 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 115
A Rhoades A Full
A318 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 115
A2 Rhoades A Full
A320 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 115
A3 Rhoades A Full
A321 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 115
A4 Rhoades A Full
A322 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 120
A Rock B Full
A325 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 125
A Krueger B Full
A328 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 128
A Krueger B Full
A331 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 130
A Rhoades A Full
A330 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 130
A2 Rhoades A Full
A332 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 130
A3 Rhoades A Full
A333 Craft Brewing
(BRW) 130
A4 Rhoades A Full
A555 Criminal Justice
(CJ) 235
EV Moore M Cancelled
A557 Criminal Justice
(CJ) 237
EV Overby B Cancelled
A584 Culinary Arts & Hospitality Mgmt
(CAHM) 100
A Cox D Cancelled
A592 Culinary Arts & Hospitality Mgmt
(CAHM) 123
A Cox D Cancelled
A639 Culinary Arts & Hospitality Mgmt
(CAHM) 239
A Cox D Cancelled
2540 Early Childhood Education
(ECED&) 107
DE Lounsbery S Full
2567 Education Paraprofessional
(EDUC&) 115
DE Asher A Full 1
0923 English And Literature
(ENGL) 099
F2 Arrowsmith L Full
0925 English And Literature
(ENGL) 099
F4 Smith K M Full
0927 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
A Slepyan J Full 2
0928 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
B Arrowsmith L Full 1
0929 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
C Delahoussaye Full 3
0930 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
D Smith K M Full
3536 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
DE3 Davern G Full 1
3537 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
DE4 Sandal D Full 2
3538 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
DE5 Morrow C Full 1
3539 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
DE6 Rodriguez C Full 1
0931 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
E Morrow C Full
0932 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
F Rodriguez C Full
0940 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
F2 Arrowsmith L Full
0942 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
F4 Smith K M Full
2248 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101C
C3A Oconnell E Full 1
3535 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101C
D1A Luckmann C Full 3
7222 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102
AW Mohler C Full
0946 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102
B Rodriguez C Full
3541 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102
DE1 Whitemellish Full 1
3542 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102
DE2 Sandal D Full 2
2242 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102C
C2A Luckmann C Full
3544 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102C
D2A Whitemellish Full 3
3545 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102C
D2B Whitemellish Full 2
3546 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102C
D2C Whitemellish Full 1
7226 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102C
WLB Mohler C Full 1
7232 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102C
WLE Mohler C Full
7237 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 102C
WLH Mohler C Full
2250 English And Literature
(ENGL) 103C
C3B Oconnell E Full 3
0955 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 112
A Graham J Full
3562 English And Literature
(ENGL) 170
DE Delahoussaye Full 2
W401 English As A Second Language
(ESL) 010
BG1 Boesiger B Full
A890 Environmental Conservation
(ENVC) 112
A1 Koenig S Full 1
A931 Environmental Conservation
(ENVC) 499
A Svendsen C Full
3573 Environmental Science
(ENVS&) 101
DE Palmer C Full 3
B006 Fire Protection Technology
(FIRE) 121
A2 Bonnifield M Cancelled
B040 Fire Protection Technology
(FIRE) 242
EV Graver D Full 1
B050 Fire Protection Technology
(FIRE) 271
A2 Mcvicker P Cancelled
B086 Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) 105
A Rogers R Full
B087 Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) 106
A Rogers R Full
W621 High School Completion
(HSC) 010
AG1 Munrohildret Full
W680 High School Completion
(HSC) 010
YOA Munrohildret Full
3606 History
(HIST&) 146
DE Keller D Full
2243 History
(HIST) 242C
C2A Dunbar K Full
2627 Human Services
(HSERV) 145
DE Malphrus B Full
B162 Human Services
(HSERV) 171
A Mattox T Full 3
B165 Human Services
(HSERV) 198
A Lafollette J Full
B180 Human Services
(HSERV) 243
A Rivers L Full
B183 Human Services
(HSERV) 245
A Avendanoibar Full
7307 Marine Maintenance Technology
(MT) 132
AW Beemer M Full
7858 Marine Maintenance Technology
(MT) 160
BW Beemer M Full
7312 Marine Maintenance Technology
(MT) 161
AW Swietzer M Full
1334 Mathematics
(MATH) 096
S3 Heinze B Full
1338 Mathematics
(MATH) 097
A Means L Full
1349 Mathematics
(MATH) 097
S3 Heinze B Full
1353 Mathematics
(MATH) 098
A Means L Full
1355 Mathematics
(MATH) 098
C Cofer D Full
1365 Mathematics
(MATH) 098
S3 Heinze B Full
1378 Mathematics
(MATH) 099
S3 Heinze B Full
1390 Mathematics
(MATH&) 107
A Graber D Full 1
3651 Mathematics
(MATH&) 107
DE Graber D Full
1399 Mathematics
(MATH&) 142
A Heinze B Full 1
1403 Mathematics
(MATH&) 146
A Banham T Full 1
7432 Mathematics
(MATH&) 146
AW Morales D Full
2649 Multimedia / Interactive Technology
(MIT) 212
DE Murdock M Cancelled
2659 Multimedia / Interactive Technology
(MIT) 227
DE Murdock M Cancelled
2666 Multimedia / Interactive Technology
(MIT) 236
DE Coorough M Cancelled
3670 Music
(MUSC) 127
DE Johnson D Full 2
B366 Nursing
(NURS) 181
A Scaringe C Full
B367 Nursing
(NURS) 182
CLI Scaringe C Full
B380 Nursing
(NURS) 202
A Price S Full
B381 Nursing
(NURS) 202N
A Price S Full
B382 Nursing
(NURS) 202U
A Price S Full
1622 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
A Mcfarland J Full
7490 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
AW Lounsbery S Full 1
3677 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
DE Anderson N Full 1
3681 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
DE4 Anderson N Full 3
3682 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
DE5 Rindal H Full 1
B413 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 098
A Nunn B Cancelled
B422 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 099
A Overby T Cancelled
B446 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 122
A Spinnie K Full
B454 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 135
A Spinnie K Full
B466 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 142
A Oakes T Full
2725 Office Admin And Accounting Technologies
(OFTEC) 162
DE Nunn B Full 3
2249 Philosophy
(PHIL) 215C
C3A Loonat F Full 2
2251 Philosophy
(PHIL) 215C
C3B Loonat F Full 3
2237 Physical Education
(PE) 100
C1B Anderson N Cancelled
3721 Physical Education
(PE) 100
DE Anderson N Full
3724 Physical Education
(PE) 100
DE4 Murphy M Full 1
3725 Physical Education
(PE) 100
DE5 Murphy M Full
1704 Physical Education
(PE) 129
A Anderson N Full
1709 Physical Education
(PE) 134
A Deschenes S Full 5
1717 Physical Education
(PE) 149
A Deschenes S Full 1
5564 Physical Education
(PE) 149
AP Munro H Full
3727 Physical Education
(PE) 160
DE2 Stafford V Full
1728 Physical Education
(PE) 164
A Deschenes S Full 1
1730 Physical Education
(PE) 190
A Anderson N Full 1
1732 Physical Education
(PE) 200
A Anderson N Full 1
1733 Physical Education
(PE) 200
B Anderson N Full 3
3746 Political Science
(POLS&) 202
DE1 Loonat F Full 1
3759 Psychology
(PSYC&) 200
DE2 Danford A Full 1
3768 Social Science
(SOSC) 100
DE Wesakania E Full 1
B550 Social Science
(SOSC) 113
A Collette M Full
B558 Social Science
(SOSC) 125
A Collette M Full
2740 Social Science
(SOSC) 125
DE2 Collette M Full
3783 Sociology
(SOC&) 101
DE Labombard L Full 2
3784 Sociology
(SOC&) 101C
D2C Labombard L Full 2
B657 Welding Technology
(WT) 111
IBA Baker M Full
B660 Welding Technology
(WT) 111
IBB Kuebelbeck M Full 1
B668 Welding Technology
(WT) 114
IBA Baker M Full
B671 Welding Technology
(WT) 114
IBB Kuebelbeck M Full 2
B686 Welding Technology
(WT) 131
EV Swenson D Cancelled
B689 Welding Technology
(WT) 131
SA2 Case V Cancelled
B700 Welding Technology
(WT) 133
EV Swenson D Cancelled
B703 Welding Technology
(WT) 133
SA2 Case V Cancelled
B719 Welding Technology
(WT) 212
A Kuebelbeck M Full
B736 Welding Technology
(WT) 231
EV Swenson D Cancelled
B739 Welding Technology
(WT) 231
SA2 Case V Cancelled
B756 Welding Technology
(WT) 234
EV Swenson D Cancelled
B759 Welding Technology
(WT) 234
SA2 Case V Cancelled
3795 World Language - Spanish
(SPAN&) 121
DE Sanchezmoren Full