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Summer 2018
Last Update: 10/19/2018 1:05:00 PM

Line/Item Course Section Instructor Status Waitlist
0413 Art
(ART) 251
A Theiss C Full
7030 Biological Sciences
(BIOL&) 241
AW Brady B Full
3311 Business
(BUS&) 101
DE Dixon S Full 2
4382 College And Career Bridge
(CCB) 054
AG2 Walker M Full 1
3350 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 210
DE1 Lind J Full 1
3351 Communications Studies (speech)
(CMST&) 210
DE2 Antonymayer Full
2784 Education Paraprofessional
(EDUC&) 136
WOL Uhrich Full
3457 English And Literature
(ENGL&) 101
DE2 Meeks L Full
B134 Manufacturing Technology
(MANF) 121
SA Howard S Full 1
7131 Mathematics
(MATH) 096
DW2 Grimshaw Z Full
1551 Mathematics
(MATH) 096
S3 Schaffner J Full
7138 Mathematics
(MATH) 097
DW2 Grimshaw Z Full
1562 Mathematics
(MATH) 097
S3 Schaffner J Full
7145 Mathematics
(MATH) 098
DW2 Grimshaw Z Full
1571 Mathematics
(MATH) 098
S3 Schaffner J Full
7152 Mathematics
(MATH) 099
DW2 Grimshaw Z Full
1581 Mathematics
(MATH) 099
S3 Schaffner J Full
7158 Mathematics
(MATH&) 107
DW2 Grimshaw Z Full
7172 Mathematics - Workforce
(WMATH) 100
DW2 Grimshaw Z Full
3581 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
DE1 Duncan K Full
3582 Nutrition
(NUTR&) 101
DE2 Duncan K Full
3611 Physical Education
(PE) 100
DE1 Anderson N Full
3612 Physical Education
(PE) 100
DE2 Anderson N Full 1
3617 Physical Education
(PE) 160
DE1 Deschenes S Full
3618 Physical Education
(PE) 160
DE2 Deschenes S Full 1
1932 Physical Education
(PE) 200
A Sommer B Full 1
3673 Sociology
(SOC&) 101
DE Unzueta R Full