Students' Experiences of Learning
in Learning Communities

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In this survey, "learning" refers to changes in thinking and practice, acquiring and using knowledge and new understandings in settings inside and outside college.

Part I. In my learning community, I:

Very Often
Ask questions in class
Participate in class discussions or seminars
Work on reading, writing and/or problem-solving assignments during class
Work with other students to examine complex issues during class
Peer review my and other students' work during class
Work with other students on group projects during class
Present my work, or work done as part of a group, to the class
Work on connecting or integrating ideas, strategies, or skills from classes (or disciplines) included in this learning community
Reflect on how these connections lead to new insights or understanding
Use what I am learning to contribute to another class
Work with classmates outside of class on class assignments, homework or projects
Discuss ideas from this learning community with family members, co-workers, other students, etc.
Develop friendships with classmates based on shared learning community experiences

Part II. Teachers in my learning community:

Very Often
Make the goals and vocabulary of learning communities clear
Make all students feel comfortable about participating in class activities
Encourage students to ask questions in class
Encourage students to discuss assigned work in class
Help students establish productive working groups
Talk to me about my ideas
Encourage me to explore my ideas
Help me use my background knowledge and life experiences to learn new things
Demonstrate how to integrate concepts and skills from different classes in a meaningful way
Assign work that asks me to connect concepts and skills from different classes to reach new understandings and/or applications
Show me how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in my work as a basis for improvement
Encourage me to seek out other resources on campus (library, math center, writing center, learning center, student services, financial aid, etc.)
Encourage me to plan the next steps in my education with a counselor or advisor

Part III. My participation in this learning community helps me to develop my ability to:

Very Often
Write clearly and effectively
Speak clearly and effectively
Think critically and analytically
Analyze quantitative problems
Work effectively with others to complete assignments/projects
Identify the learning strategies that are most effective for me
Persist when faced with academically challenging work
Take responsibility for my own learning
Connect my learning in school to problems and issues in my local community and the world
Be successful in future courses and programs

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Part IV. In my learning community, compared to other classes, I spend more, less, or about the same amount of time:
About the same
Memorizing facts and figures
Analyzing elements of an idea, experience, or theory
Thinking through my assumptions
Synthesizing ideas, experiences, or theories
Evaluating information, methods, and arguments
Integrating ideas, strategies, and skills from multiple sources
Applying theories or concepts to practical problems or new situations

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